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unlock your


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& step into the




1 month

3 phases

a lifetime of love



The only way out is through it. Looking back over past relationships and childhood experiences, we uncover and begin to heal limiting beliefs and old programming holding you back from deeper vulnerability both with yourself and with your future partner.


It's time for you to finally hear the powerful, raw, honest, unfiltered voice of your soul. It's not about fixing you - we ain't about that sh*t. It's about letting your past empower you instead of restricting you. Opening your heart to ALL of you is the key to letting someone else love all of you. 



sun, moon, rising

week 1

week 2

mercury, chiron, progressed moon


week 3 do we move forward and find the partner we've dreamed of? HINT: the answer's already within you. What kind of love are you yearning for? Who are you longing to be? I use the exact timing of your chart to help you align with the most embodied, empowered version of you so that you're ready to receive the deep, loving, intimate love you deserve with your entire heart.


saturn, transits, north node

including unlimited voxer support from me outside of our sessions together

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What else is included?

That internal voice that's always criticising you? Yeah, I'm going to teach you how to control it and actually witness and honour your honest truth without any judgement.



My own manifestation framework, personalised for your unique chart. Align your energetic and physical environments to effortlessly attract healthy love.

cva manifestation

Find true safety within and move past your fear of connecting deeper with your inner child. Step into the vulnerability, fullness, and truth of your heart space.

embodiment practices

sacred space

create the

within -

for true love to be held.

Even though there's no such thing as being fully 'healed' and ready for love, it's hard to break out of your cycles if there are still fears, wounds and old programming tying you down.

This intensive goes deep into everything that's holding you back from the healthy, empowered love you deserve.

It teaches you how to reconnect with your inner fire, inner passion, inner desires so that you can transform the way you attract and show up in relationships. It takes you into the vulnerability of your own heart and soul to heal those fears and wounds around love and open your energy space to actually receive the love you desire.


because you can't expect



  someone else...

if you can't even hold your own.

Let's Get to work.

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If you're feeling inspired to reclaim your power and open your heart to reach deeper levels of vulnerability, intimacy, connection and love..

If you're feeling the energy of my words..

If you're feeling called to be fully supported by me through this healing and transformation process..

All you gotta do is slide into my Instagram DM's here and let me know.

Because of how deep we'll be going and how much support I'll be giving you, I only have 3 open spaces per month.

Right now the earliest spot I have open is around mid March-April - but please let me know who you are and put that energetic intention out there! 

here to support you through your growth & expansion -

linda 🤎

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