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2 session intensive

personalised. practical. no bs.

Discover who you are

There's no such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to love. Step 1 is where I decode your unique blueprint given to you at birth so you can understand who you are at your corehow your signature energies influence you when it comes to love and relationships.

step 1: relationship reading

Overcome your blockages

Learn how to use your chart to support you in love and overcome the obstacles or struggles you're facing. In step 2, I coach you through the energetic blockages holding you back from the love you deserve and give you practical tools to integrate and move past childhood wounds, past traumas, self-sabotaging patterns...

step 2: coaching session


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who is this for?

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Can't seem to find your person? Keep getting your heart broken? Not feeling seen or heard by the one you love? Feeling like your relationship is missing something but can't put your finger on what it is?

This package is for anyone who's looking for
quick insight, support, AND practical guidance for ANY relationship issue they're currently facing.

Basically, this is for anyone who's looking to start doing their inner work or needing a bit of guidance to experience and embody healthier, deeper love - regardless whether they're single, taken, or otherwise...

You were just so spot on with how I am.


You understand me a lot better than most people. I just thought it was amazing I felt I had a better understanding of myself and what I needed to do to help me grow as a person.


It's that good, I want to know more and have another session!

- H.B.

Treated Silk






path to

love + intimacy

These 2 sessions will give you a taste of the work I do. I'm passionate about giving a f*ck - about life, about love, about YOU. My soul mission is to lead Divine Feminine women to open their hearts, own their soul, and step into relationships that honour their wild, deep, authentic selves.

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to love. So through these 2 sessions, I'll be use your birth chart to work with you through whatever energetic block YOU have, whatever situation YOU'RE in.
Depending your unique situation, we'll dive into past relationship trauma, limiting beliefs, childhood wounds, subconscious fears, self-sabotaging cycles... wherever the blockage is showing up.

Supported by your unique energetic blueprint, your heart is waiting to be opened, your soul is waiting to be discovered.
If you're ready to say yes to understanding yourself better and receiving the tools you need to thrive in healthier, deeper love, I'm so ready to support you with the magic of your chart.

Click below to book your first session (payment is for both sessions and you'll get another scheduling link after our first 😉)

Moonchild - Stars & Sparkle 3.png
Moonchild - Stars & Sparkle 3.png
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