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You've felt the calling for something more -

something deeper, something that can finally hold the full intensity, passion, and depths of your soul..

haven't you?

I help Divine Feminine women attract, receive and continue to thrive in healthy, heart-opening love by connecting deeper with their authentic truth and unlocking their passion and power.

My secret weapon?

The energetic blueprint of your whole f*cking soul -

aka - your birth chart.

month 1

Empowerment + healing

sun, moon, rising, chiron, saturn

Laying the groundwork for your transformation. The biggest question we answer is: WHO ARE YOU?


I'll be sharing personalised, targeted practices for you to activate all 4 of your astrological elements. And as a multi-faceted being, what do all your unique facets look like? How do they exist in harmony? It all starts here.


Then we dive into the wounds of your childhood + past relationships - not just to understand the types of childhood trauma, old belief systems and programming of your past, but to INTEGRATE them. Simply put, we'll be embracing the core wounds and fears that are energetically blocking you from letting in deeper love.

Alignment + Attraction

month 2



This month is about you, your deepest needs in love, how to communicate them authentically, and how to tap into your unique frequency.


Discover your LOVER PERSONA to step into the full embodiment of all the divine parts of you: goddess, siren, lover, queen, muse... and effortlessly attract the intimacy that matches your vibration.

 But manifestation will not work if you don't know how to RECEIVE.

Learn the art of attracting, manifesting and receiving through aligning with your unique energetic signature. Your blueprint is literally your path to your own highest frequency.


month 3


Trust + Intimacy

Sink your teeth into the yumminess of feeling yourself, your pleasure, your physicality, your sensuality, and what your body and soul needs to feel full, enriched, respected, cherished.

And then learn how to cultivate your healthy divine masculinity to hold space for all of that - plus your vulnerability, emotion, connection, desire, truth, and your mess.

There are wounds that we can only heal in relationship. But how can we ensure we don't just fall back into our same old patterns - but actually evolve and transform?

Building trust and safety within yourself is the key to keep thriving in healthy love as your relationship grows, expands, changes, shifts...

Discover how to navigate and sustain a healthy relationship as well as connecting on a deeper, more vulnerable level while staying true to who you are.


including unlimited voxer support from me outside of our sessions together

understand the difference between your wounded and healthy feminine + masculine

that manifestation comes from your unique power

& your chart is the key to it all.

I'm passionate about love

that sets my soul on fire,

that caresses the deepest corners of my heart,

that penetrates and exposes me to my core,

that triggers me to keep growing and evolving,

that's unwavering, protective, and makes me completely surrender,

that nourishes the energy of my wild, my goddess, my queen,


that feels like home.

I'm passionate about love that won't let me settle for anything less than the deep, intimate connection my soul yearns for -

and to show you that you can have it too.

it starts here.

Moonchild - Eclipse.png

If you're feeling inspired to reclaim your power and open your heart to reach deeper levels of vulnerability, intimacy, connection and love..

If you're feeling the energy of my words..

If you're feeling called to be fully supported by me through this healing and transformation process..

All you gotta do is slide into my Instagram DM's here and let me know.

Because of how deep we'll be going and how much support I'll be giving you, I only have 3 open spaces per month.

Right now the earliest spot I have open is around mid March-April - but please let me know who you are and put that energetic intention out there! 

here to support you through your growth & expansion -

linda 🤎

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