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Improve your relationships & experience soul-embodied intimacy & connection by using your unique charts to cultivate deeper compassion, love & understanding.

Learn how to read your synastry (relationship astrology) chart* & explore how your unique energies interact and express themselves within your dynamic. 


Only 6 spots are available as I will be going into everyone's synastry charts in our 90 minute calls every week!

*To qualify for this group container, you MUST know & be well-versed about the signs, planets & houses of astrology.


LEVEL 1: Soul Synastry for the Self

[6 weeks]

This is for you if you want to:

  • Know more about you, your partner & how to improve your relationship when it comes to your connection, communication, intimacy, & more

  • Discover how your energies affect each other

  • Learn what the light side / potential + shadow side / pitfalls of your relationship look like

  • Understand where the blessings and challenges of your relationship lies - and how to work together through those challenging areas

LEVEL 2: Soul Synastry for your Business

[4 weeks]

This is for you if:

  • You want everything in Level 1 PLUS!!!

  • How to use synastry to help your clients or to give a synastry reading

  • How to explore deeper levels of relationships including...

  • The specific energetics of the relationship itself

  • How each individual views the relationship from their perspective


Laying the groundwork for your transformation...

  • Deep dive into your birth chart and get to know yourself like never before + your healthy feminine / masculine energetics

  • Uncover your hidden depths and discover where the essence of your power lies using targeted practices to activate all 4 of your astrological elements

  • Healing + integrating lessons and traumas of past relationships

  • Embracing + overcoming core childhood wounds and fears energetically blocking you

Astrology focal points: SUN, MOON, RISING, CHIRON, SATURN



Attracting your dream partner, deeper intimacy, deeper connection, whatever you want...

  • Aligning with the Divine Timing of your astrology chart to transform and attract

  • Overcoming self-sabotaging loops to break out of your comfort zone into deeper love

  • Discover your Love Persona to step into full embodiment of all the divine parts of you: goddess / siren / lover / queen / muse...

  • Your deepest needs in love and how to communicate them authentically


If you're ready to be supported through your transformation...

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