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Do you believe in these Feng Shui myths?

When it comes to any type of energy work, there are bound to be tons of different beliefs surrounding it - some true, and some that are, honestly, complete garbage. As a Feng Shui consultant, but more importantly an energy worker who wants to help people to become the best versions of themselves, I need to set the record straight on some of the beliefs I've heard about Feng Shui.

As there are an endless amount of myths surrounding Feng Shui, I'm going to go through the 3 that I hear the most, and probably cover the most ground in terms of misconceptions.

Firstly, I'd like to thank everyone who answered my question on Instagram - I'm going to be going through ALL the responses I got in detail after discussing the most common 3, so keep your eyes peeled!

#1: "How can I get perfect Feng Shui?"

This is probably the most popular question that I get asked. The simple answer is: there is no such thing as perfect Feng Shui. Read that again. There is no such thing as perfect Feng Shui. You can get pretty close to perfection, yes, but there is no such thing as perfect Feng Shui. Getting close to perfection also requires in-depth knowledge of the form and compass schools of Feng Shui, but most importantly the flying star school. Don't worry, I'll be doing another post in regards to the schools of Feng Shui and how they're different.

Perfect Feng Shui simply doesn't exist.

There are going to be flying star number combinations that are inauspicious, plus the energy moves around with time; Feng Shui does not simply stay as it is forever. That is why my clients get their annual stars re-done every year right before Chinese New Year. Moreover, it's important to know that the Feng Shui of your home will always reflect what you need to go through at that exact moment in your life.

Have you ever been house-hunting, and instinctively feel comfortable in one house yet uncomfortable in another? It's kind of similar to that. Just as we attract people and situations that are vibrating on a similar level as us, we also attract, or are attracted to, places that are energetically similar.

Moving things around the house to achieve 'perfect' Feng Shui is not the answer; the answer is getting in touch with your environment and spirit by looking inwards and reflecting.

#2: "I need to buy all the Feng Shui items and new décor and rearrange everything to have good Feng Shui."

Nope, nope, and nope. I am all about cutting through the bulls**t and façade of things, and I am here to tell you that you DO NOT NEED all the Feng Shui items. I'm talking about lucky bamboo, money plant, calabashes, three-legged toad, water features, dragon tortoise, Qi Lin (Chinese unicorn), mandarin ducks, Chinese coins, wind chimes, Bagua mirrors, aquariums, bamboo flutes, statues of deities, the list goes on!

Honestly. Can you imagine paying money to get a Feng Shui consult, then having to fork out extra money to buy all of that + more?! Side note, having a water feature in the wrong area can actually be extremely detrimental!

I am not saying that those items are useless. Each one has a specific effect on the energies of your home and some are the most effective way to remedy negative energy, but you most certainly do not need them all. Of course, if you have the money and you like fancy-looking things, then by all means! But for us regular people, your Feng Shui consultant should only ask that you buy these things when there is absolutely no other way to work around the bad energy, AND it's in a room that you spend a lot of time in.

I always use items and furniture my clients ALREADY OWN when advising them of how to remedy 'bad' Feng Shui.

You also don't need new décor unless you're moving into a new house or something. I always try to use what my clients already have in their homes - the last thing I want is for them to have to go out and buy even more things! We're trying to avoid clutter, remember?

In terms of rearranging all your furniture, more often than not, you actually only need to move a few pieces here and there. Looking at your Feng Shui is more of a mathematical, calculative process than you'd think, and I go through each room to see if we need to even move anything around. In the case that we do, my first option is always to find something you already own. Only if it's a really negative energetic combination and there's absolutely nothing we can do will I suggest a specific Feng Shui item.

#3 "I have good Feng Shui because my house is uncluttered and tidy."

Last week, we talked about how the #1 most important thing in Feng Shui was to keep your clutter to an absolute minimum, but now let's flip it around. Many people think that just because their house is nice and tidy and uncluttered, they automatically have good Feng Shui.

Yes, it is good for Feng Shui to have your house uncluttered. It allows energy to flow smoothly through your whole space, and means there are minimal blockages. However, Feng Shui splits your house into different 'sectors' and calculates the energy in each one; so if you have inauspicious energy in a room, that is not going to change just by decluttering.

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