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one on one
transformation session


who is this for?

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The Divine Feminine woman who yearns to let go of the stories holding her back from the next level of her expansion and consciousness.


Using your unique energetic blueprint as your guide, let me hold you and coach you as you work through any shifts / transformations / expansions relating to:

  • Toxic relationship patterns, moving on + letting go

  • People pleasing + low self-worth

  • Insecurities + negative internal dialogue

  • Feminine + masculine wounding, healing & embodiment

  • Heartbreak and relationship wounds

  • Fear of intimacy and deep connection

  • Breaking cultural conditioning

  • Guilt / shame around sex + pleasure

  • Loss of identity, loss of power, loss of voice

  • Self-doubt + self-sabotage

  • Fear of abandonment + betrayal

  • Wounds around trust and vulnerability

what do we do?

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These sessions are intentionally created for you to feel safe & at ease - emotionally, energetically & spiritually.

First, we look into what's going on for you currently, where you're feeling stuck, or what you're struggling to overcome / move past from.

Then I'll bring it into context for you through the lens of your blueprint, highlighting activation points that play into your current stories and cycles.

We'll dive deeper into your story and pinpoint ways you can shift how you show up for yourself / in relationships / in your work through the transformation, integration + balance of your divine feminine and masculine energies.

I'll also be giving you personalised, practical exercises that you can implement into your life immediately.

what happens next?

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Everything we unearth and dive into during our one-off session needs time to settle and integrate into your energetic and physical fields.

We'll be uncovering some deep-seated wounds, fears, beliefs and patterns and going into inner child work, energetic healing, divine feminine awakening, activation and embodiment - and so much more.

As such, you'll also have
extended additional coaching, support and guidance from me throughout the following week as everything settles and further insights or questions pop up for you.

are you in, babe?

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I'm so excited to hear that you're ready to activate the magic of your divine feminine. At the moment, all Transformation Session spots are fully booked, so make sure you sign up for the waitlist to be among the first to know when new spots are released!

Thanks for joining! You'll be the first to be notified before the next round of spots are launched.

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