I'm here to help you discover how to thrive in the
healthy, life-long relationship of your dreams...


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If you're single and looking for love, you're gonna wanna check this out...

I'm a relationship astrologer, coach & astrology mentor.

It's my mission to help you align with your energetic signature so you can heal from unhealthy wounds and discover how you're specifically designed to embody the healthy, empowering love of your dreams.

No matter whether you're single or taken, I use Relationship Astrology to help you align with your soul's authentic vibration so you can find true happiness in your relationships.

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I work 1:1 with both singles and couples to empower, heal and transform their relationship with love.


I focus on practical application of your astrology chart in your real-life relationships so that you can embody the healthy intimacy and love you deserve.

It's candid. It's honest. It's real.

Let me support and empower you on your journey to building your ideal soul connection as your authentic self!

"I love your manner - you're gentle, confident and gracefully make it easy to open up. You came from such a neutral place that I felt you heard and understood me clearly. I was blown away and you met me right where I was in every way! I appreciate you sharing your wisdom and gifts and plan to be in touch with you for a very long time!"

- J.C.